Long Pending Issues of Ministerial Cadre of Survey of India

 Long Pending Issues of Ministerial Cadre of Survey of India

No: CHQ- 22 /MSA(2022)                                                      Dated: 19th July, 2022



The Secretary Govt. of india,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Department of Science & Technology,
New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi.

(Kind Attn: Shri Sunil Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary, Admn).

Sub: Long Pending Issues of Ministerial Cadre of Survey of India - Regarding,


I have the honour to invite your kind attention to the series of correspondence made by the Ministerial Staff Association regarding the subject matter and I would like to submit that not a single response in any case has been received from the Surveyor General Office. Due to unsettled issues our members of the Association are facing hardship and pressurising to take the cases with competent authority.

2. While considering the proposal of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ of the Sol, comments of the Stake holder were asked during the month of February, 2022. Suitable comments were provided by the Association for consideration of the authority within a time. No any intimation regarding acceptance or resection of the comments has yet received from the Surveyor General Office/Authority concerned. It seems that our all demands have been considered.

3. In response to the Cadre Re-structure of Group ‘A’ post meant for the Ministerial Cadre 11 posts of Senior Establishment & Accounts Officers was approved in-principle by the DST (Competent Authority. On perusal of DoP&Ts web-site, Group ‘A’ Restructuring Proposal of Survey of India is under consideration with the CRC. But we have no intimation, whether our 11 posts sanctioned in-principle are there in the said proposal or not.

In view of the above, it is requested to kindly consider our both the proposal stated above, at the earliest, please.

Thanking You.

Copy to: The Surveyor General of India, Survey of India, Dehra Dun for information and necessary action. You are also requested to kindly intimate the up-dates of the Cadre Restructuring proposals of Ministerial Cadre, please.

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