Courtesy meeting of CHQ members of Ministerial Staff Association with the Surveyor General of India and Points of Discussion – Regarding

Courtesy meeting of CHQ members of Ministerial Staff Association with the Surveyor General of India and Points of Discussion – Regarding


No. CHQ-02/MSA (2023-24)

Dated: 21 Feb, 2024 


The Surveyor General of India,
Dehra Dun.

Sub: Courtesy meeting of CHQ members posted at Dehra dun of Ministerial Staff Association with the Surveyor General of India – Regarding.


Please allow me to extend warm greetings of New Year 2024, with hope for better advancement within our Department and Ministerial Cadre under your esteemed leadership.

2. Your kind attention is invited towards the matter outlined in our Association’s letters, specifically CHQ-23/MSA (2022) dated 19.07.2022 and CHQ-12/MSA(2022-23) dated 10.01.2023. Through these letters the Association requested a meeting with your good self to address urgent concerns, as highlighted by an 8-point agenda. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, this meeting has not yet been convened. Furthermore, meetings of HoD and COBs have not been taken place since 2018.
3. Neglecting the issues of members in the name of Recognition of Association: Our Association plays a crucial role as stakeholders to conduct the government affairs, representing the interest of a specific group of employees i.e. Ministerial Staff of our Association. The functioning of Association is essential to resolve the grievances raised by its members by bilateral discussion with concerned officials. It is worth here to mention that it is a mandatory Govt function governed by separate rules and concerned official at HQ and higher offices are responsible to conduct the functioning of the Association’s activities.  Despite our adherence to the conditions outlined in the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993 for the renewal of Association recognition, there has been delayed. Failure to adhere to the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993 in the true spirit is indicative of a broader issue concerning the lack of specific cadre at HQ. Similarly, many essential functions are being overlooked or not carried out in accordance with prescribed rules due to the absence of Ministerial Cadre in Group ‘A’ within SOI.
4. In light of the above, I earnestly request your immediate attention and intervention to address following issues and ensure the proper functioning of our Association for the benefit of all members.
Sl. No. Demand Description
1. Transfer/ Posting of four members of Kolkata Branch Four Ministerial Staff of Kolkata Branch were transferred out from Kolkata to Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati and Raipur in the month of June-July 2019.  After the lapse of approx. five years they are still waiting for their repatriation to Kolkata.  It is requested to urgently repatriate them to their home town to exonerate them and their family from punishment till retirement.
2. Reorganization of Survey of India and transfer of Ministerial Staff Some offices/establishments have been merged with the offices located at outstation, the staff of these offices has been asked for submission of station wise option to move another station.  Ministerial Cadre is essential to run the office work, in view of less availability of other Staff to conduct technical administration/estate/store the Ministerial Staff should be allotted the similar nature job in office available at same station. It is requested that staff should be accommodated at the offices available at same station.  It is also requested to consider 1st option of same station given by the staff in this regard.
3. Issue the waive-off the recovery of withdrawn MACP in GP 4600 to Erstwhile Assistants The recovery of withdrawal of MACP in the GP 4600 should be stopped in view of the requests made by Association time to time and also in view of the following reasons:- (i) Post of Assistant and Office Superintendents bearing grade pay 4200/- has been merged in the recent Cadre Review. (ii) Recovery should be stopped in view of the pendency of Court Case Smt. Shalini Naagi in the Hon’ble High Court. (iii) The order of withdrawal MACP has been issued in the year 2021 and the recovery on account of reduction in Grade Pay in pre-revised scale upto the year 2015, is grant of the overpayment of pay and allowance for more than 5 years hence, recovery as per DoPT Orders is impermissible in Law and eligible for the waive-off of said recovery. (iv) The demand to grant the revised Pay Scale to Office Superintendent w.e.f. 01.09.2008 vide Association Letter No. CHQ-17/MSA(2022-23) dated 13.04.2023 is also pending.
4. Creation of Posts of Group “A” Ministerial Cadre Creation of the posts of 3 DD and 11 Sr. E&AO which has been principally approved by DST.  Further Gp ‘A’ Ministerial Cadre Committee should be constituted.
5. Grant of GP 4800/ GP 5400 to Supervisory Scale on promotion from the feeder post of GP 4200/- w.e.f. 01.09.2008 Recommendation of 6th CPC to upgrade the post of Assistant (5000-8000) and Office Superintendent (5500-9000) to Pay Scale 6500-10500 and merger of post of Assistant with Office Superintendent by grant of replacement scale of GP 4200.  The merger of post of Assistant and Office Superintendent has been done.  Further 6th CPC has recommended to grant of GP 4800/- on promotion from the feeder post of GP 4200/-.  Ref: Recommendation under the para 3.1.14 of the Sixth Central Pay Commission
6. LDCE for LDC to the Grade of UDC w.e.f. 2018 Request to issue appropriate instructions to complete LDCE till year 2022 in line with the grade of Surveyor to Officer Surveyors.  It is pertinent here to mention that the LDCs with more than 06 years’ service eagerly waiting to remove all “if and but” as DPCs.
7. Repatriation of Ministerial Staff Repatriation cases of Ministerial Staff has not undertaken previous year and now the repatriation for 2024 is due to consider.  Association is continuously approaching the matter of transfer of members on extreme compassionate (medical/family), spouse ground etc.
8. Constitution of Cadre Review Committee for Ministerial Cadre as per DoP&T Rules Our Resolution No. 01/ MSA/ 2022-24 dated 18.11.2022. The present Cadre Restructuring of Group “B” and “C” has been implemented without going through the prescribed process as per rules.  This action is giving an irreparable loss to staff as well as the organization. The Committee should be constituted as per DoP&T Norms to review the present Cadre Restructuring and conduct the next Cadre Review of Ministerial Cadre on time.
9. Removal of provision of Section Officer for Senior Office Superintendents It is not appropriate to make the provision of supervision by incumbent of same scale in the name of Seniority.  Instead of this provision the request of increasing the post of E&AO should be considered.
10. Supervisory Post of “Administrative Officer” in line of PFMS/ Bhavishya and to follow the order of Govt. to reduce the channel of disposal As stated above the Ministerial Cadre Review has not been done in accordance with rules and the assessment of Supervisory posts is also not as per functional requirement. As per function stated in PFMS, Bhavishya, eHRMS, GeM, e-Bill only 2 levels are prescribed for  final disposal of any work.  Hence, AO (Establishment), AO (Accounts), AO (Confidential) and AO (Pension) are required in each field offices to conduct the Ministerial Work properly. Demand of upgradation of post of Office Superintendent to the post of “Administrative Officer” in Pay scale Level 8/9 as per Association Letter No. CHQ-17/MSA(2022-23) dated 13.04.2023
11. Grant of Level 9 to E&AO with proper Cadre restructuring Further to the point No. 10 above, it is also stated that the request of Grant of Level 9 to the E&AO of Survey of India is still pending.  An early action is required to reduce the litigation in this regard.
12. Induction Training and refresher course for Ministerial Staff Induction Training as per specific job structure in Survey of India, should be provided to all new recruitee before posting to normal duty.  Foundation Course for promottees should be introduced and conducted on quarterly basis.  Refresher Capsule Courses on eOffice, Computer programmes, PFMS and each of service matter should be conducted.
13. Creation of Training Cadre comprising of Office Supdt. for training of Ministerial Cadre The training aspects of Ministerial Staff is also neglected in this Department.  No induction training is being provided to the newly recruited LDC’s/UDCs.  No capacity building option is available for every promottee.  It is requested to create the training cadre comprising of Office Superintendent to fulfil the provision of Training Policy of Govt and decision of abolish the post of Office Superintendent should be withdrawn.
14. Grant of meeting with concerned authority in compliance of DoPT Order Part A point 2 of DOP&T Master Circular No. DoPT-1667545596919 dated 23.09.2022 is stipulating a provision to address or ask for an interview with next higher officer for redress of grievances.  Some instances are coming into the notice of the member of Ministerial staff is denied or warned to approach the officer concerned for redressal of their grievances.  SGI being an Appointing Authority of Estt. and Accounts Officer and functioning of SGO as supervisory offices directly in the matter of Transfer, DPC etc. to all offices of  Survey of India the denial of interview with SGI or threatening of disciplinary action is not in consonance with the rules and natural justice in view of availability of Technical Officers all channel of disposal.
15. Grant of same station promotion to official, who are in the last leg of service. The matter of Smt. Lalita Rane, STO including E&AOs should be considered by transfer of post to the required station.
16. Repatriation of E&AOs to their home station on vacancy occurred. The matter of Shri Jagdev Singh and Shri Girish Kinra should be considered in view of Extreme Compassionate Medical and Family Ground.
17. Introduction of LDCE Scheme for promotion of from UDC to Office Superintendent. LDCE Scheme for promotion from UDC to Office Superintendent should be implemented.
18. Providing copies of Reservation Roster Request of providing copies of Reservation Roster to Association is still pending.
19. Exclusion of name of E&AO from the bylaws of other Association E&AOs are subscribing this Association but their name is appearing in approved bylaws other Association without the knowledge of Association/E&AOs.  The request of correction of the same is still pending.
20. Regular meeting with Association and function of Departmental Council The regular recorded meeting with HQ Official and Zonal Official with delegates of Association should be conducted periodically.  Yearly CoBs meeting with HQ should be conducted.  Function of Departmental Council as per DoPT Norms should be introduced in Department.

              In view of the above, it is requested to consider for redressal of above said points at the earliest possible.

              Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Mithilesh Kumar Karn)
Secretary General
Ministerial Staff Association

Copy to: Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side, NC (JCM), 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi. (Through Email) for information.  He is requested to the matter with appropriate authority regarding arbitrary non recognition of Association and non-adherence of Govt. Norms regarding function of Departmental Council..

Copy to: All CoBs of Ministerial Staff Association (Through Email).

Copy to: All Branches (Through Website)

Copy to: The Secretary, Delhi Branch, MSA to request to hand over a hard copy to Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side, NC (JCM), 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, 

(Mithilesh Kumar Karn)
Secretary General
Ministerial Staff Association

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