Allow meeting of CHQ members of Ministerial Staff Association posted at Dehradun with the Surveyor General of India – Regarding.

Allow meeting of CHQ members of Ministerial Staff Association posted at Dehradun with the Surveyor General of India – Regarding.


No. CHQ-12/MSA (2022-23)

Dated: 10 Jan, 2023.


The Surveyor General of India,
Survey of India,
Hathibarkala Estate,
Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

[Kind attention: Shri Sunil Kumar, IFS, SGI & JS, DST]

Sub: Allow meeting of CHQ members of Ministerial Staff Association posted at Dehradun with the Surveyor General of India – Regarding. 


I would like to take this as an opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings on New Year 2023 with hope for better advancement in Survey of India in general and for Ministerial Staff in particular under your leadership.

I would also like to thank you on behalf of Association and all its members that all the DPCs of Ministerial Officers/Staff have been completed before 31st December, 2022 and promotion orders of all the officers due for promotion have been issued before their entitlement.

Your kind attention is invited on our letter No. CHQ-23/MSA (2022) dated 19.07.2022 under which a meeting with your good self was requested to discuss on urgent matters by quoting 8 points agenda.

Your determination and willingness to complete the work in the given timeline not only motivate us but also give us hope that our long pending genuine demands will be considered favourably, which are in purview of rules, provide justified by various letters delivered by Association and also more importantly satisfying functional requirements of the Department, by removing all "If and but":-

Sl. No.


Pending for /since

Explanatory Notes


Constitution of Cadre Review Committee for Ministerial Cadre as per DoP&T Rules

22 Years since 2001-02

Resolution No. 01/ MSA/ 2022-24 dated 18.11.202 (Attached)

Demand to constitute committees for Group "A" Ministerial Cadre (to consider the posts of 3 DD already proposed by DST and 11 Sr. E&AO already by DST) and Ministerial Staff Group B & C Cadre.

Sl. No.


Pending for /since

Explanatory Notes


Merger of Posts of Assistant and Office Superintendent

15 Years since 01.09.2008.

Recommendation of 6th CPC to upgrade the post of Assistant (5000-8000) and Office Superintendent (5500-9000) to Pay Scale 6500-10500 and merger of post of Assistant with Office Superintendent by grant of replacement scale of GP 4200. The merger of post of Assistant and Office Superintendent is still pending. Further 6th CPC has recommended to grant of GP 4800/- on promotion from the feeder post of GP 4200/-. Ref: Recommendation under the para 3.1.14 of the Sixth Central Pay Commission


Grant of GP 4800/ GP 5400 to Supervisory post on promotion from the feeder post of GP 4200/-


LDCE for LDC to the Grade of UDC

05 Years since 2018

Request to issue appropriate instructions to complete LDCE till year 2022 in line with the grade of Surveyor to Officer Surveyors. It is pertinent here to mention that the LDCs with more than 05 years' service eagerly waiting to remove all "if and but" as DPCs.


Repatriation of Ministerial Staff

02 Years since 2021

Repatriation cases of Ministerial Staff have not undertaken previous year and now the repatriation for 2023 is due to consider.


Transfer/ Posting of four members of Kolkata Branch

03 Year since 2020

Recently Ministerial Staff are being transferred in the name of disciplinary proceedings stating administrative reasons. A statutory period of 180 Days has been laid down vide Rule 14(24) of CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 for completion of Departmental Inquiries against Government servants. In the instant case, four Ministerial staff of Kolkata branch were transferred out from Kolkata to Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati and Raipur in the month of June-July 2019. After the lapse of approx. four years they are still waiting for their repatriation to Kolkata.


Recognition of Ministerial Staff Association

Pending since 2015

Association has submitted details for the renewal of the recognition many times. Last submission was during July 2022. But still the Association has not received any correspondence in this regard till date.


Posting of Office Superintendent on same station.


Details justification has already been submitted vide No. CHQ-11/MSA (2022-23) dated 19.12. 2022. It is need of time to consider posting of Office Superintendent at same station as per functional justification. Assistant and Office Superintendent posts are deemed merged and Assistants are already doing supervisory duties as Office Superintendent in GDCs.


Posting of E&AOs in all offices where DDO Code and Head of Office function are allotted to Officer Surveyor


Posting of E&AOs on promotion and on repatriation to the offices (Zone and GDC) where duties of DDO or HOO are being done by Officer Surveyor or other cadre. It is pertinent here to mention that many Directorates has DDO code but no post of E&AO has been sanctioned after more than 20 years of creation of these offices.

In addition to the above the following points are also submitted for the agenda of the meeting:-

(i) Ad hoc promotion to Ministerial Staff as Technical Staff.

(ii) Creation of post of E&AO for all offices by upgrading the sanctioned strength of Office Superintendent.

(iii) Providing working condition computer hardware/software with appropriate internet connection and stationary to work with ebill, eoffice, e-tour, e-HRMS, PFMS, EIS, Bhavishya, GEM etc.

(iv) Upgradation of E&AO pay scale in Level 9 with GP 5400

(v) Filling up of all vacant post of Ministerial Staff and STO/JTO.

(vi) Removal of ambiguity in RR of UDC and kept eligibility of 3 years for LDCE.

(vii) Recovery of MACP (GP Rs.4600 to GP Rs.4200 in pre-revised scale)

(viii) Providing of copies of Reservation Roster to the Association.

(ix) Exclusion of name of E&AO from the bylaws of other Association.

(x) No tenure posting/placement committee for E&AO posting/transfer.

(xi) Harassment of E&AO at some station.

(xii) LDCE Scheme for promotion from UDC to Assistant.

(xiii) Induction training on promotion and recruitment to all Ministerial Staff.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(Mithilesh Kumar Karn)
Secretary General
Ministerial Staff Association

Copy to: DSG (Vig & HR), SGO / Nodal Officer, Cadre and DSG (Adm) for information and favourable action.

Copy to: Member, Departmental Council (JCM), MSA/ Advisor (CHQ), MSA / Co-coordinator (CHQ), MSA / President (CHQ), Hyderabad / All Central Office Bearers Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India.

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