Conduct of DPC in respect of Ministerial Staff and Official Language Cadre - reg.

Conduct of DPC in respect of Ministerial Staff and Official Language Cadre

No. CHQ-08/MSA (2022-23)

Dated: 15th December, 2022


The Surveyor General of India,
Survey of India,
Hathibarkala Estate, Dehradun – 248001.

               [Kind attention: Shri Prashant Kumar, DSG (Vigilance) and DSG (HR), SGO]

Sub: Conduct of DPC in respect of Ministerial Staff and Official Language Cadre. 


While writing on subject matter, it has been come to notice that a timeline has already been fixed to complete all DPCs for the year 2023.  It is needless to mention here that timely offer of promotion in higher grade/post to the concerned keep motivational level high of the employees.  It is also mandatory to conduct the business of the Govt.

2. 15th AIC of Ministerial Staff Association held at Dehradun on 16th & 17th November, 2022 notes that a mechanism should be evolved for conduct of DPCs timely by considering following points:-

a)   Advance calendar showing timeline for conducting DPC should be invariably issued by SGO in the month of March-April of every year in the line of guidelines issued by DoP&T in this regard.

b)   A proper check and balance has to be implemented by SGO for timely completion of APAR, so that the same can be made available before the respective committee to avoid undue delay in conduct of DPC.

c)   DPC has to prepare the select list to fill the vacancies as and when arises in the next year. In this case it should be ensured that the vacant post must be filled on time and offer of promotion to that post must be issued 1 or 2 months before to consider any representation in this regard.

d)  Offer of promotion on refusal/retirement/chain vacancy should be issued without any further delay to the next incumbent to fill the vacancies on time.

e)   Vacancies arise during the same year due to death, resignation, voluntary retirement etc. or which could not be foreseen at the time of the placing facts and material before DPC should be filled immediately as and when such vacancies arise.  In such cases as per DoP&T Guidelines another meeting of the DPC should be held for drawing up a panel so that the vacancies should be filled timely and person due for promotion be benefitted. 

3. In above connection the 15th AIC also notes in the year 2017 and 2018, DPC was held by taking reserved candidates who are coming in panel on their own merit as reserved candidate.  It is requested to conduct the review DPC for the year 2017 and 2018 same as per previous years and 2019 onwards.

4. In view of the above, it is again requested to issue the order to conduct the DPC to prepare the panel for the year 2023 in respect of all Ministerial Cadre including Official Language Cadre.    

It will be highly appreciated if Association will be intimated on the action taken this regard.


(U.K. Sinha)
Vice President (CHQ)
Ministerial Staff Association

(Mithilesh Kumar Karn)
Secretary General (CHQ)
Ministerial Staff Association

 Copy for information:-

  1. JCM Member (CHQ), MSA/ Advisor (CHQ), MSA/ Co-coordinator (CHQ), MSA.

  2. All Central Office Bearers and Branches Secretaries of Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India. [Through Website]


Secretary General

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